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Vapor Trail E-Cigs

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We have built our business with an intense focus on strong customer service and delicious, yet subtle flavor combinations. Our mission is to create the best quality and most unique e-juice flavors in the world, while also providing flavors manufactured in a facility with the highest kitchen grade sanitation standards imaginable. We produce our e-juice in a food grade facility and maintain high quality standards of sanitation and quality control. In addition, we only use Pharmacy grade nicotine, U.S. food grade, 100% kosher PG/VG and food grade flavorings that are purchased from distributors who batch their flavorings and nicotine in quality controlled environments. Welcome to the Vapor Trail E-Cigs family and congratulations on making the switch to electronic cigarettes. Happy Vaping!
15% off all E-Liquid. 10% off all hardware. Must show your MAPP card for discount.
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